Teens at volleyball game chant “build that wall” at Hispanic opponents Facebook/Carlos Urias

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump rallies became a sort of testing ground for three-syllable chants. Two of them — “build that wall” and “lock her up” — emerged as the battle cries of Trump’s electorate.

Since the Donald has taken office, he’s appeared to soften on both issues. The president-elect said on “60 Minutes” last week that he would accept a “fence for certain areas,” and during a recent interview with MSNBC, Kellyanne Conway, the campaign manager who put Trump in the White House, dismissed the notion of jailing Clinton. But the idea of the wall and the nationalism that it represents has not faded among Trump’s supporters.

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Students from Archer City High School in Texas latched on to Trump’s rhetoric and shouted “build that wall” at a volleyball game this week. Archer was playing Fort Hancock, a school that is 97% Hispanic, according to the Baylor Star-Telegram. The chants seemed to be directed at the Mexican students from Hancock, which is located at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Archer City Superintendent C.D. Knobloch told the Star-Telegram, “If we hadn’t had that election last week, this wouldn’t have happened. Our students are not racists. It’s as simple as that.” He also said that the district will be taking disciplinary actions against the students.

Fort Hancock superintendent Jose Franco described the incident as bothersome and said that it “crossed the line.”

Last week, immediately following the election, middle school students in a cafeteria shouted the same slogan at their Hispanic classmates.

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