The artist behind Kathy Griffin’s bloody Trump head photo shoot speaks out about the controversy Twitter/@KathyGriffin/WSBTV

Tyler Shields, the artist behind Kathy Griffin’s recent controversial photo shoot, was tracked down by a TMZ cameraman in Los Angeles. Shields has not said much of his photo shoot with Griffin, which featured the comedian holding a bloody doll head made to look like President Donald Trump.

“Can you go to jail for making an artistic statement??? Asking for a friend… @kathygriffin,” Shields tweeted as the backlash began.

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On Wednesday, Shields was defiant when asked about the images.

“The thing is […] I’ve got no comment […] the only thing is, you make art, you got to stand by it. That’s it.”

When asked if he would do a similar shoot, or do the original shoot again if given the chance, Shields said that he had to stick by his work.

“I can’t censor myself.”

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