The cop who arrested a nurse was fired from his part-time ambulance job

KSL video screenshot -- Utah University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels being arrested for refusing to let police draw a blood sample from a patient without a warrant.

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Jeff Payne, the Salt Lake City police detective who was placed on paid leave for his role in the July 26 arrest of University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels that sparked widespread outrage, has been fired from his part-time job with Gold Cross Ambulance.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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“Although Jeff was not working for Gold Cross Ambulance at the time of the incident, we take his inappropriate remarks regarding patient transports seriously,” the company said in a statement. “We acknowledge those concerned individuals who have contacted us regarding this incident and affirm our commitment to serving all members of the community with kindness and respect.”

Payne’s body camera reportedly caused Gold Cross to make the decision. The camera recorded him telling Salt Lake Police Lt. James Tracy, “I’ll bring ’em all the transients and take the good patients elsewhere,” referring to whom he would transport to University Hospital when driving ambulances.

The incident, which happened a month ago but entered the public eye when Wubbels and her attorney released video of her arrest on Thursday, started when Wubbels, working in the hospital’s burn unit, refused to allow Payne to draw a blood sample from an man flown there after he was involved in a fiery crash. Payne told Wubbels he would arrest her under orders from Tracy for interfering with a police investigation if she did not allow him to get a blood sample, and he did so when she repeated the hospital’s policy to him. Gold Cross also placed Tracy, who works as a paramedic for the company, on paid administrative leave on Friday.

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