“The copycats are coming” — Sheriff offers free class to teachers to help protect students


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Nearly a week after a school shooter took the lives of 17 at a Florida high school, an Ohio sheriff responded by offering free services to teachers and school administrators.

Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County tweeted his intention to offer a concealed carry class to teachers in the county free of charge, reports FOX 19.

Interest in the class was so high that Jones received 250 sign-ups in less than 24 hours.

“We have 250 and growing fast,” he said. “We will start training fast, next week.”

When explaining why he was offering the class for free, Jones referenced school shootings, which have since become a very hot issue in national debate.

“I believe that school teachers should be taught how to deal with guns, when guns come to the classroom,” he continued. “What guns can do when they come to the classroom, and if the school boards want to give the authority to teachers to be armed. The school boards can do that, they have the authority to do it, but I’m going to do my part, and I assume I’m probably the only one in the state of Ohio that’s doing that – but something has to happen.”

A few school administrators wondered if they’d be allowed to attend the class as well.


Jones appeared to answer the concerns with the following tweet.

On Tuesday morning, Jones appeared on “FOX & Friends” to talk about the class.

“I decided that I’m going to do something,” he said, disavowing politicians for arguing instead of finding a solution. Jones added that they were “leading by example.”

The effort involves the entire community, from vendors offering to feed the teachers during the class to those offering to pay for the permits.

“The copycats are coming,” he warned.

According to Jones’ later tweets, interest in the class only continued to rise.

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