The dad who lunged at Larry Nassar in court said he handed his daughters “to a demon”

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Randall Margraves is speaking out after becoming the face of pain and grief last week.

Over 150 victims came forward to share victim impact statements, including Olympic champions Aly RaismanMcKayla Maroney and Simone Biles, as disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was convicted of sexually abusing his patients. Three of the victims were Margraves’ daughters. After sharing their horrific stories, Margraves asked if he would be able to have “one minute with that bastard.” When the judge said that he could not, Margraves attempted to take justice into his own hands and lunged at Nassar.

He was restrained before he could reach him and taken out of the court.

Margraves recently gave an interview to CBS News following his outburst.

Though he was not the one who harmed his daughters, he had strong feelings of regret on his mind.

“I ended up delivering, unknowingly all three of my daughters, to a demon that had his own personal, twisted, sick agenda,” he said in the interview.

As for his outburst, Margraves said, “I did not think about wanting to kill him, but I did want to inflict some pain.”

“I will never forgive that guy.”

Within a day of Margrave’s actions, people donated over $30,000 to a GoFundMe with the intention to pay for any legal fights, as he faced a contempt of court charge for the outburst. Much to the relief of many, no charges were brought against Margraves in the end.

An attorney later told CNN that Margraves’ family had asked for any GoFundMe pages to be taken down, as they had not approved them.

Margraves addressed the court following the incident and apologized for his behavior.


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