The “F**k Trump” sticker isn’t going anywhere, and these products are only causing more problems

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The owners of a truck with a sticker that reads “Fk Trump and fk you for voting for him” are standing their ground while under pressure from local law enforcement to remove it from their vehicle — but there are still plenty of other ways for them to get their message across should they eventually take it down.

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has pleaded with Karen and Mike Fonseca to remove the sticker out of concern that confrontations may arise between them and people who find it offensive. They’ve even threatened charges of disorderly conduct, arguing the message may be a “breach of peace,” and arrested Mrs. Fonseca on a “sealed warrant” on Thursday before releasing her hours later. Despite it all, the Fonsecas have maintained that their truck’s message, though insulting to the president and his supporters, is an exercise of their right to freedom of speech. But, if they ever change their minds, here are some other ways they (and anyone else) can say, “F**k Trump:”


“F**k Trump” Baseball Cap

Those sporting this hat can expect to ruffle the feathers of unsuspecting “MAGA” hat wearers who may at first mistake the classic red cap with white letters as one of their own. For just $9.99 anyone wishing to test how easily their message can slip under the radar and even for those who aren’t fans of bright red, the “F**k Trump” Baseball Cap comes in many different colors.

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“F**k Trump” Adult Coloring Book by a Nasty Woman

Those triggered by this administration can find both solace and satisfaction in coloring in images like birds, bees, flowers and animals alongside “#Resistance-bolstering text,” including sayings like “Her Choice,” “Nasty Woman,” “Impeach” and more. No need to worry about the next three years because for a low $5.99, “you can relieve your stress and nurture your spirit with this beautiful and irreverent adult coloring book!


“F**k Trump” T-shirt

Anyone donning this $15.99 shirt clearly only has one f**k left to give, and it’s for the president. If you think you aren’t walking right into trouble wearing this around town, the Fort Bend County sheriffs have warned you otherwise.


“Trump is Trash” T-shirt

This shirt is for those of few words who may prefer to dole out their insults via emoji. While much less bold than other products, the “Trump is Trash” t-shirt is sends a subtle message with the “Put Litter in Its Place” emoji featuring the stick figure tossing President Trump’s head into a trash can. Plus, not only is it less explicit, but it also comes in men, women and youth sizes — and a bunch of colors — so the whole family can put the president where they think he belongs for $16.99 a pop.

And for all those lovers of political correctness who are no longer worried about offending anyone, the list doesn’t stop there.

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