If ever you felt you couldn’t accomplish something, take a cue from wounded U.S. Army veteran Jay Fein.

Fein, who had his right leg amputated, competed at a weightlifting competition in Austin, Texas, and lifted a 275-pound barbell clean off the ground. His remarkable feat was recorded and has quickly become an inspiration all over the internet.

The video shows Fein hopping into place behind the barbell.

The announcer at the event can be heard saying, “Send those good vibes over for Jay. Send that positive energy over here.”

Fein must have filled up on all the good vibes. He takes some deep breaths, manages to get his balance, bends down, grips the bar and starts to pull it up.

Amazingly, he lifts the bar above his knee and stands up up straight. Knowing he’s just tasted success, he throws the bar down in pure celebration and shouts, “Yeah!”

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Fein was wounded a decade ago while serving in Iraq. Since the injury, he has spent a significant amount of his time focusing on psychological and physical improvement.

“One day about a year ago I started deadlifting with one leg because I’ve never deadlifted before, and I have a natural ability to be strong there,” Fein said. “This dead lift was 275 pounds, and it took me almost six months to get to that point, but I’m working to get more, hopefully 300 pounds or more one day, and I am almost there.”