The Internet let out a giant gasp when this Bristol Palin article on birth control stumbled onto the web AP

Famous daughter Bristol Palin received some ire from the Internet this week after she posted a blog post saying that she didn’t like women getting free birth control.

Palin, who has mothered a child out of wedlock and is pregnant with another, must have calculated the collective sigh that commentators gave her after her blog was published on

The daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin referenced a Judicial Watch piece whose source material has since been taken offline that claimed that girls as young as 10 were being implanted with birth control devices without their parents’ consent.

“It is crazy that the government is offering a controversial form of birth control that can have serious life-long side effects to 10-year-old CHILDREN, but then to do all of this behind a parent’s back is simply outrageous!” Palin wrote, noting her own tomboyish 10-year-old experience.

Earlier this year, Palin apologized to her friends and family for her pregnancy and referred to it as a “disappointment.”

“I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you,” Palin wrote.

“But please respect Tripp’s and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy.”

As soon as the blog hit the web, Internet comments were lit up with people wondering how Palin could write such a post.

“Hey Bristol, instead please tell us what its like to have 2 children, by 2 separate fathers, being unmarried to either and having been paid to preach abstinence, the whole time?” one Huffington Post commentator wrote
“Irony doesn’t seem to register with her,” another said.

“Gets that from her Mom…” said yet another.
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