Editor’s Note: Effective 3:42 p.m. on June 6, 2017, Reality Winner’s Facebook page has been taken down.

After months of pleading with the Department of Justice to find someone leaking classified information to the press, President Donald Trump got his first taste of justice on Monday evening. Reality Winner, a 25-year-old Air Force veteran and defense contractor was arrested after it was revealed she leaked classified information about Russia’s attempt at influencing the 2016 presidential election with The Intercept. Winner was arrested on Saturday after sending The Intercept a print out of a classified summary of Russia’s actions.

Unlike Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning before her, a great deal of Reality Winner’s social media feed is still online for curious Internet onlookers to pick apart, and comment on. Less than 24 hours after her arrest was announced, Winner’s online persona has become a breeding ground for all sorts of inflammatory comments.

Dozens of her public statuses have dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of comments, used to put Winner down.

A post from late May about how Winner’s dog kisses her while she is on the couch has now turned into a place for commenters to make comments about Winner’s sex life.

“No one will ever love you. You will die alone,” Facebook user Chase White wrote on Winner’s page.

Some of the accounts on Winner’s page appear to be social media bots and fake accounts with no discernible attachment to a real human. An account with no photos or information named “Barry Hussein,” repeatedly posted on Winner’s page that she should be waterboarded for eternity. Other jokes about rape and Winner’s gender aren’t fit to print. Many of the jabs belittle Winner’s love of yoga. Winner frequently posted videos and photos of complex yoga stretches, this led many commenters to making jokes about her potential future prison sex life.

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“Hey Traitor, you can show Bertha that move in prison. I am sure you will enjoy showing her what you can do. Enjoy that 6 x 6 cell. You do not have Obummer or sHillary to save you,” James Wainright posted. 

Amid the NSFW Facebook comments are some messages of support for Winner, including many from people who believe that she was doing the right thing by leaking classified material.

Reality Winner Facebook Screenshot

“Thank you for doing your part to shine a light on this corrupt administration,” Facebook user Carrie Broyles wrote.

Many of statuses, uploads, and photos that are now filled with hate-posts show the life of a 25-year-old vet, who seemed to live a fairly solitary life. Most of Winner’s recent posts concern her pets, or her passion for weightlifting. Many of her political posts take aim at President Trump and his administration. Very few statuses or photos reference a social life, or a core friend group.

In between comments about prison rape, and those who believe Winner will never see daylight again, there is at least one man who believes that leaking classified information wasn’t Winner’s fault at all. According to Facebook user Anthony Manning, Winner was likely possessed by the Devil.

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“Your mind is being manipulated by Satan and you can’t see it, at least not right now,” Manning writes.

The Father has spoken to all of them about the attacks on President Trump and how they will come to nothing. The truth will be brought out and many, many lawbreakers will go to prison, pretty much like you. But don’t fret, the Father is revealing the evil behind the atracks/leaks of President Trump and you will soon have plenty of company. Seek God through His Son to receive eternal life. Or not, your choice.

If convicted, Reality Winner could face up to ten years in prison.

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