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Nearly two years after he captured his own shooting on camera, recovering South Carolina police officer Quincy Smith relived the terrifying moment this week as his attacker underwent a two-day attempted murder trial.

On Wednesday, Malcolm Orr was sentenced to 35 years in prison for shooting at Smith eight times while the officer was responding to a suspicious person call.

While Smith continues to recover from his injuries, he reflected on the day he will never forget.

“I didn’t draw my firearm because at the time I didn’t think it was warranted,” he said. “He was just walking away. But, unfortunately, I made a mistake, and I drew my taser, and he got the upper hand on me.”

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On New Year’s Day 2016, Smith spotted Orr near Charles Party Shop, which had just called about a suspicious person. Because Orr fit the description of the man, Smith ordered him to stop walking and to remove his hand from his pocket. After Orr had refused to follow orders multiple times, Smith threatened him with his taser. Orr then pulled a pistol from his pocket and fired off eight shots at the officer, hitting him at least four times. Smith’s glasses camera captured the whole ordeal.

Almost two years later, Smith is still suffering.

“I had nightmares sometimes about the incident. I’m still trying to heal up injuries to my arm,” he said. “Both our families are the ones really suffering the most. Violence and guns aren’t the answer, that’s why I became a police officer.”

His arm and neck injuries have healed, and he’s nearly finished with physical therapy. When he’s ready, Smith wants to continue working for the Estill Police Department. He hopes to return by the beginning of 2018.

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