The Vice President remembered veterans when he picked his guests to the Super Bowl Twitter/@VP

It came time for Vice President Mike Pence to pick his guests to the Super Bowl and he picked Marine Staff Sargent Anthony Mannino, Jr., and Army Staff Sargent Frederick Manning. Both were injured in separate tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both brought guests; Mannino brought his wife Diane, and Manning brought his nurse from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Army Sargent First Class Charles Stanley.

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The group flew from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to Houston and a waiting booth at the Super Bowl. Mannino is a Patriots fan and Manning is a Falcons fan, but the flight was all jovial, according to The Hill.

“There’ll be a winner on this plane on the way back,” said Pence. An Indiana native, Pence joked that he would be on “neutral soil” for the game.

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