These girls tragically lost their officer dad in the line of duty, so his coworkers stepped in for their homecoming dance


Danville teens Courtney, Brooklyn, and Alycia lost their father in January. Officer Thomas Cottrell died in the line of duty.

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Months later, the fallen officers coworkers sought to do something special for the girls’ homecoming dance on Saturday.

The girls got ready for their big night. Officers Mark Perkins and Josh Abshire got ready to help make it memorable.

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Perkins and Abshire escorted the girls to their dance. “We want you to forever know we are here with you always. It’s an absolute honor for us to get to take your girls to the dance,” Perkins told them.

“I keep thanking them,” said their mother, Anna Montgomery, “but they just keep saying, ‘It’s our honor.'”

The girls said that their dad was watching over them.

“Those girls were his life; he always said, ‘Those are daddy’s princesses,'” she said.

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