Stefano Brizzi, a 50 year-old web developer living in South London, has been found dead inside the Belmarsh men’s prison in London, according to a report from the Washington Post. His body was discovered Sunday. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said no cause of death had been reported at press time; he said the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will conduct an independent death investigation and the prison’s coroner will determine a cause of death.

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In November, Brizzi was convicted in the killing of Metropolitan Police constable Gordon Semple, 59. At the time of his death Brizzi was serving his sentence: life in prison with a minimum of 24 years served, per the Guardian.

Details of the murder stunned the public.

Brizzi, a meth addict, was a fan of “Breaking Bad,” the AMC drama about a teacher diagnosed with cancer who turns to making and selling meth to support his treatment. One of the show’s famous scenes depicts the disposal of a rival drug dealer in a barrel of acid.

Semple, Brezzi’s victim, met the same fate, though it appears he was already dead when Brizzi attempted to dissolve his corpse. The pair met on Grindr, the gay dating site, on April 1 of last year. Gordon Semple neither came home nor showed up to work the next day, and his partner reported him missing.

Brizzi would go on to buy shears, plastic buckets and carpet cleaner, according to surveillance video. Neighbors reported a stench coming from Brizzi’s flat, however, leading to the discovery of body parts and remains throughout his apartment. Investigators discovered human remains in the bathtub, the plastic buckets he bought on video, in the apartment’s oven, on chopsticks, and in a cooking pot, according to the Independent. Semple’s brain and internal organs were never found.

Police concluded that Brizzi killed his victim, dismembered him, cooked and ate some of his remains, and attempted to dissolve the rest in acid. They also found a dog leash with the victim’s DNA and a copy of the Satanic bible in the South London flat.

Things turned bad in prison for a satanist convicted of dissolving a man in acid Metropolitan Police
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