This cop impersonator got busted when the driver of the car he tried to pull over was the real deal Visalia Police Department
Visalia Police Department

The first rule of pretending to be a police officer would be to not pull over an actual police officer.

That’s exactly what Brandon Freeman did, and the 29-year-old found himself arrested for impersonating an officer and for additional charges. A passenger in his car was also arrested for outstanding felony warrants, the Fresno Bee reported.

Freeman was impersonating an officer on New Year’s Day when he tried to make a traffic stop in Tulare, California, according to Visalia police. However, the man Freeman attempted to pull over at around 11:45 p.m. just happened to be an off-duty sergeant.

Brandon Freeman, Visalia Police Department

Freeman was driving a 2008 Buick sedan with a flashing red light he turned on as he signaled for the car to pull over.

However, it wasn’t difficult for the sergeant to realize something was up. He didn’t pull over and instead kept driving while he communicated the situation with on-duty officers. They arranged a spot to turn the tables on Freeman and pull him over.

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It didn’t take long for the police officers to take Freeman into custody.

Impersonating an officer seems like a really dumb idea, yet it seems to happen more than one might expect. And  Freeman just so happened to have had the dumb luck of pulling over a police officer.

In New York in 1999, a man pretending to be a detective pulled over a car. The driver turned out to be a cop. The same thing happened to this Florida cop in 2014 when a car with flashing blue and red lights pulled up next to him and told him to pull over. Only he turned on his flashing lights and pulled over the fake cop.


In 2o15, again in Florida, another attempt at impersonating a police officer went awry.

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