Narendra Kumar had suffered continually from stomach pains, nausea and vomiting for most of his first 18 years. No one could correctly diagnose what plagued the Indian teen until recently.

A parasite had attached itself inside Kumar and for 18 years survived as a leech deriving sustenance from the nutrients of its host.

What was this parasite?

Kumar’s twin. Yes, as in a twin brother or sister, whose malformed fetus attached itself as an umbilical cord-type structure inside Kumar’s stomach.

“Foetus in fetu” is an extremely rare condition with only 200 cases ever reported worldwide, according to the Daily Mail.

Doctors removed a 5 1/2-pound mass of bone, hair and teeth from Kumar’s abdomen.

“That evil has been tormenting him for years,” said Kumar’s father, Prem Chandra. “Now that it has been removed, I am relieved. He can now go back to school and lead a healthy life.”


“In the three hour-long surgery, we removed a mass of malformed baby having hair, teeth, a poorly developed head, a bony structure of chest and spine with lots of yellowish amniotic like fluid in the sac,” said Dr. Rajeev Singh. “We have witnessed two to three cases like this in India so far.”

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