Plenty of people have deer heads and fish mounted on their wall, but this guy’s trophy room blows everything else we’ve seen away. The room is so big that he was able to fly a drone through it as he walked. In the video, we see a number of tusks, two giraffes, a small herd of antelope and gazelle; then at the end, an assortment of various rams. Along the floor, he has a number of Zebra furs.

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The video was uploaded by Tom Miranda, who is a famous hunter and has hosted shows on ESPN and NBC. Miranda said that the man in the video is “a pal of [his] and one amazing hunter” but did not name him. In the comment section, he explained that his friend is a “big-time farmer,” which probably means that he owns thousands of acres of extremely prosperous farmland.

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Miranda estimated that there are around 600 mounts in the room, including 340 “free range” mounts, meaning that they were not killed on an African reserve.

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