A therapist allegedly touched a client’s “breast and groin” in a hot tub after inviting her to “talk” Scott County Jail
Scott County Jail -- Aracely Schutters, a therapist, is accused of trying to seduce a patient in a hot tub.

An Iowa therapist tried to bring her work home with her, police say. The problem is, her work involved a female client whom she invited to her home last month and allegedly tried to seduce in her hot tub, reports KWQC.

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Aracely Schutters, 45, a social worker in the town of Bettendorf, was arrested Monday on charges of sexual exploitation by a counselor. Court documents claim Schutters took the unusual step of inviting an adult female client to her home via text messages “to talk about the victim’s problems.”

On Dec. 4, the woman arrived at the counselor’s home and got into the hot tub with the expectation of talking about her issues, the documents state.

But Schutters had other ideas, according to police. They allege she tried to loosen up the patient with an alcoholic beverage and then “engaged in unwanted kissing and touching of the victim’s inner thigh, breast and groin.”

But then Schutters reportedly had a moment of clarity, telling the woman “something to the effect of ‘This is so wrong, I can’t be your counselor anymore,’” court documents state.

Shutters then apologized after the patient got out of the hot tub and left the home, police say. The patient contacted police regarding the incident two days later.

During an interview with police, Schutters reportedly admitted that she kissed the woman while in the hot tub.

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Schutters was arrested as she left work on Monday. She was booked into Scott County Jail and was released Tuesday on $5,000 bond, reports the Quad City Times. She is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 2. If convicted on the Class D felony charge she faces, she could spend up to five years in prison.


Schutters worked at an organization called The Compass. Its website indicated she is a licensed master social worker with more than 15 years of psychiatric experience, though her biography is no longer on the site, according to the Quad City Times.

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