Kid shreds money

Kids do messed up stuff. Stuff that cannot even begin to be logically explained. There’s no rhyme or reason to the actions of a miniature human that is still far more id than ego. They just do stuff. Once when I was three or four I stapled my thumbs together. Just to see what would happen. That’s it. That was my entire line of reasoning. (What happened, by the way, was that a staple plunged into my thumbnails, nearly out the bottom of thumbs, and I was in a tremendous amount of pain. All in all a far more straightforward and predictable set of circumstances than I had anticipated.)

So, then, a little kid tossing a grand into a paper shredder is not only understandable, it should be expected. What do you think a little kid is going to do with a thousand dollars? Spend it? There are only two options: play with it or destroy it, and a lot of times those are one in the same. Especially if the child is a little boy.

All of this came to fruition in Salt Lake City, Utah when Ben Benlap’s young son Leo got a hold of the envelope containing the thousand or so dollars Ben and his wife had been saving up to repay Ben’s parents for buying them season tickets for the University of Utah football season. Then young Leo, that lil’ devil, tossed the G into their paper shredder, no doubt because the shredder makes funny noises and stuff looks cool when it comes out the other end of it. (No one leave Leo, a cat, and that shredder in a room alone together.)

According to Leo’s mother, Jackie, the couple literally both laughed and cried when they discovered what their boy had done. Thankfully for the couple, they won’t have to (totally justifiably) pull money out of Leo’s college fund. They’ll be able to recover their lost thousand dollars via the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which allows people to redeem mutilated currency.

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