A tractor-trailer driver died after his rig was blown over the guardrail of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Joseph Chen, 47, of Greenville, North Carolina, was driving seafood for Evans Transports over the CBBT when his truck went into the water, WAVY reported.

A Navy helicopter crew rescued Chen from atop his truck floating in the water, WAVY reported.

He later died on the way to an area hospital.

The CBBT had level 2 wind restrictions when winds exceeded 47 mph that day. When the accident happened, there were level 1 restrictions.

Under a level 2, tractor-trailers must be hauling 30,000 pounds, in addition to the weight of the vehicle. But at one point Thursday, the CBBT was under a level 3 restriction.

One driver who was cleared to cross told WAVY that he pulled over a mile over the 20-mile long bridge tunnel after hearing about the crash over the radio, saying that he was afraid that his truck was too light.

This wasn’t the first time a tractor-trailer was pushed off the CBBT. In January 2016, another driver’s rig was blown into the water. That driver was rescued and survived.

Chen’s truck floated about two miles away from the bridge and was submerged in the water, WTKR reported.