Trump laughs when discussing Christians waiting for marriage to have sex in this vintage Howard Stern clip RonGalella/GettyImages/DavidMcGough

In January of 1994, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appeared on “The Howard Stern Show,” along with musician John Tesh, who was then a co-host of “Entertainment Tonight.”

The audio, recently uploaded in full by a media archivist that goes by the digital handle OGVHS, finds Trump and Stern making jokes about waiting to have sex until one is married.

The segment begins with a round up of Trump’s then-recent wedding to Marla Maples. Stern explains that he enjoyed the night and hung out with boxing promoter Don King, disgraced football player OJ Simpson and model Tawny Kitaen.

After some jokes about how well-received Trump’s wedding was, Trump asks Tesh about an aborted interview he had scheduled with Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana.

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Tesh, who called into the show, explained that he was all set to interview Ivana Trump, but when the subject of Donald came up, she bailed on the interview and left crying.

“Ivana’s a good woman. I don’t know what happened that particular day,” Trump responds.

The group then begins to discuss Tesh’s wife, actress Connie Sellecca, whom Trump had met just as she was starting to date Tesh.

“She was just at the beginning of her relationship with you,” Trump tells Tesh.

Stern then asks Trump whether he could believe that Tesh and Sellecca waited until marriage to sleep with each other.

“I’ve heard about that, is that true?” Trump asks Tesh.

Tesh explains that he was so enamored with his wife that he would have gone after her no matter what her conditions were.

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“It was a very private thing, Howard.”

Stern then asks Trump if he could ever date someone who was withholding sex until marriage, as many subsets of Christianity dictate.

“I think there’s really something nice about the concept […] having said that […] I’m not so sure that I could do it,” Trump said, as the group all laughed and talked over one another.

Despite Trump’s answer, Stern wasn’t buying that Trump could wait.

“You would have said, ‘Jesus Shmeezus, let’s hop in the sack and get it on,'” Stern told Trump.

“I’m a religious guy,” Trump responded.

Later in the interview, Stern said he was going to sleep that night and would dream of Trump’s wife, Marla Maples, and Sellecca having sex with him.

“That sounds good to me,” Trump replied amidst the laughs.

Since he announced his candidacy for president over a year ago, many of Trump’s appearances on Stern’s show have resurfaced and have made for headlines across the country.

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