Police are searching for two people who plowed a vehicle into an Oklahoma gun store and stole at least a dozen AR-15s Friday morning.

Officers responded to the scene of the crime around 4 a.m. after a burglary alarm was set off at a strip mall. They arrived to find a vehicle had been driven into a building on the south end of the strip center, through two office spaces and into the gunshop, Action Arms.

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Surveillance footage of the incident showed two men wearing all black get out of a Chevrolet Trailblazer inside the gun store and begin loading several weapons into the vehicle. Once they secured their loot, they got back into the car and drove back out of the building.

Police officers later found the SUV parked in a nearby industrial area. The tag on it belonged to another vehicle. According to police, no pistols were stolen, but a store employee indicated that 12 to 15 AR-15 rifles were missing. A full inventory, however, is not yet available.

“It is believed that the burglars had another vehicle at this location in which they transferred all of the loot before fleeing the area,” Tulsa Police Cpl. Christopher Butterfield said.

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