Jonathan Tran, 26, infiltrated the grounds of the White House late in the evening on March 10. Starting outside the Treasury Department, he scaled three fences, making it to the front door of the White House and trying the door handle. He also looked in a window and hid behind a pillar.

In all, he was on the grounds of the White House for about 16 minutes before apprehension. Tran had two cans of Mace pepper spray and one of Trump’s books with him. If convicted and sentenced on all charges, he’ll have lots of reading time Tran faces up to 10 years in prison.

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But the incident was a fresh black eye for the Secret Service, who have faced scrutiny in recent months for a string of abuses. This incident created more problems for the Secret Service; it was revealed that agents ignored the first alarm Tran set off and had disabled a second alarm that he would have set off.

Today, the Daily Mail reported that two Secret Service agents have been fired as a result of that incident. Both had been with the agency for less than one year; both guarded the Treasury Building and an entrance to East Executive Avenue.

 Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R, UT) referred to the agents in question as “lackadaisical.” He said this trespassing incident, which saw Tran “linger” and “hang out” on White House grounds, was a “total and complete embarrassment.”
“Everything went wrong,” he said. “That should never happen.”
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