Utah nurse speaks out after her hospital arrest video went viral


A Utah nurse spoke out on Monday one week after a video went viral that showed her betting handcuffed while she tried to stop a police officer from taking blood from an unconscious patient. Alex Wubbels explained her version of the events to NBC and CNN on Monday.

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“Any nurse I think would have done exactly what I did,” Wubbels told CNN.

According to Wubbels, Salt Lake City Police Department Detective Jeff Payne was acted aggressively long before their viral encounter.

“I was scared to death. I was obviously very frightened,” Wubbels said when asked what she was thinking during the episode. She said she feels betrayed by the police, university police and hospital security, that Payne was aggressive toward her from the beginning of their interaction, and that no one protected her.

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Since the incident, Detective Payne has been put on paid leave. Despite her arrest, Wubbels doesn’t think she should pass judgement on the legal status of the man who detained her.

“I’m not here to police the police,” told TODAY. “The police need to do that if they’re going to regain any kind of trust by me or the public.”

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