Three robbers wearing hoods and masks, and one carrying a gun, attempted to knock off a convenience store Sunday night, but they had the tables turned on them when the store’s owner grabbed his own gun, jumped up from beneath the counter and started firing at them.

The three would-be robbers scrambled out of the store, their plot foiled.

Frank Issa, the owner of Lee Rays General Store in Wardville, Louisiana, near the Arkansas border, said the initial police reported didn’t tell the whole story of what happened. Police initially told news stations that one man tried to rob the store and that he had been shot.

So to make it known what had really gone down, Issa provided the surveillance video of the attempted robbery to KALB-TV.

The video shows two customers in the store as the suspects entered. The store owner said the robbers came in and demanded money. One of them pushed the two customers out of the way and jumped on top of the counter while aiming his gun at Issa.

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Issa’s brother was then able to distract the suspects, and that allowed Issa to grab his gun, pop up and start shooting. He claims he hit one of the men in the stomach and another in the arm.

Rapides Parish Sheriff William Earl Hilton told WTHR that two of the men were apprehended, while police are still searching for the third. One was still in the hospital, and another was treated and released to his parents. Their names have not been released, and there is no word of possible charges against any of the three men.