As countless iconic brand name stores are shutting their doors, Walmart looks to only get bigger and bigger. Reports claimed this week that Walmart was in the end stages of talks to purchase Bonobos, a popular online men’s clothing retailer.

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According to Business Insider, the majority of Bonobos’ business comes from online sales, though there are some brick and mortar stores in larger cities.

Walmart is reportedly looking to boost their online sales and become more of a digital destination for products, in a similar vein to reports that Bonobos could be valued at close to $500 million. In comparison to most of Walmart’s offerings, Bonobos menswear would be considered on the higher end of pricing. Current sales on shorts and pants list prices just under or just over $100, which is far more expensive than Walmart typically prices their items.

In recent years, Walmart has also purchased and Modcloth, among other brands.

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