Washington, D.C. woman arrested for stealing French fries from a police officer (Inform / Martha Stewart)
(Inform / Martha Stewart)

A woman in Northwest Washington, D.C., was arrested after she stole French fries from a police officer.

According to WUSA 9, the woman, who seemed to be drunk, allegedly sat down next to the police officer and started eating his fries while he was dining at the Italian Pizza Kitchen on U Street last Wednesday.

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The woman took the French fries out of the police officer’s hands, and when he told her to stop, she refused and reached for another fry.

The police officer warned her that what she was doing was theft, and if she didn’t stop, he would arrest her.

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After she took another fry, the officer followed through with his threat and arrested her.

The woman was charged with second-degree theft, and the stolen property listed on the police report was, “’French fried potato.’ Quantity? ‘Three.’”

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