What in tarnation?!: Adorable pup stuck head-to-toe in gooey tar gets a rescue and a shave

Facebook/FLY Animal Rescue -- Warrior the puppy

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If not for a good Samaritan who discovered a puppy stuck to the ground in a pool of tar that leaked from a container, who knows what might have happened to the cute, little canine?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Mike Frazier was walking by a barn in Yazoo County, Miss., when he saw the furry pup laying on his side in the black, sticky mess. Frazier dialed up FLY Rescue, and soon help was on the way. However, getting the poor pup freed was the easy part. Removing the nasty tar would prove to be a major undertaking.

“He was embedded in tar, it was up under the center of that tar tank,” Frazier told WLOX. “And it was caked in tar about 2 to 3 inches thick.”

The news station reported that the pup was transported to the Animal Medical Center, where he was sedated and covered with coconut to oil to loosen up the tar.

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“It’s tedious, and we can only do it while he is sedated,” FLY Rescue said on its Facebook page, where it was posting updates on the clean-up process. “He will be mostly bald once its all removed.”

After the removal of the tar came a haircut and a shave.

Nicknamed Warrior, the little guy is clean as whistle and looks pretty happy, judging by the picture of him taking a snooze. Now he’s looking for a good home and loving owners who will keep him away from danger.

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FLY Rescue reports that Warrior has received an outpouring of support already, so eventually finding him a family shouldn’t be difficult.

However, for the moment, Warrior still has some recovering to do.

“If everyone would please stop calling the Yazoo City Animal Hospital looking to adopt Warrior, I and the staff would appreciate it,” FLY Animal Rescue posted to Facebook. “He is not available at this time for adoption. When he is available I will post him and then be accepting applications. I am grateful for the outpouring of love received for this little guy.”

As for the careless manager of the barn where Warrior’s ordeal started, he was been informed by state environmental officials to clean up the spill and properly dispose of the tar, according to WLOX.

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