When he discovered that his ex was out of groceries, this dad dished out a heavy dose of unconditional love Facebook/Brandon Carpenter

Brandon Carpenter might look like your typical young dad, but a Facebook post that has gone viral proves that he’s a pretty extraordinary guy. Carpenter uploaded a photo of a lengthy receipt — in fact, the receipt is so long that it’s impossible to tell what the final price was.

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He explained that his child’s mother said, “our daughter isn’t feeling well and needs some Tylenol.” When he got to the place he discovered that though there was food for their child, but “her fridge [was] completely empty.” Carpenter explained “she pays rent and all her bills plus she is paying off a today I went shopping to make sure she had food for the rest of the week.”

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The young man wrote, “some of y’all think I’m only going to provide for my child f**k the mother that that’s thinking like a’s time to grow up and take responsibility in all aspects of life.” The picture of the receipt and his status has gone viral with over 170,000 shares on Facebook and over 22,000 supportive comments.

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