A Florida teen didn’t think twice when he saw a car go into a pond. He jumped in and saved the 71-year-old driver.

Jordon Litowchak, 17, of Clearwater was riding with his mother and three others Sunday when he heard something go into the water and noticed it was a vehicle, WFTS reports. He told his mother to stop. then jumped out to help the driver who was still inside the submerged car.

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Litowchak told WFTS that after jumping in the water, he saw the driver, Daniel Vinovich struggling to get out of the sinking car. Vinovich was suffering from severe back spasms, but Litowchak told investigators that he was able to put him on his back and get him to shore.

“I had some adrenaline going but it was just I had to save this man,” Litowchak told WFTS. “He was very emotional and crying and very thankful. I mean, of course, I’m grateful I could be here, but I don’t want like anything. He doesn’t need to thank me or anything. It’s just a good thing to do, and I’m glad I could do that for him.”

Vinovich was not hospitalized, but investigators said he planned to see a doctor about the back spasms.

When he saw an old man drive into a pond, this Florida teen jumped into action and became a hero WPTV/SCREENSHOT