There are plenty of tales of scruffy outlaw bikers trekking across the country on drug-fueled runs. But the majority of bikers are gentle giants, and one kid found that out firsthand. Middle school student Phil Mick was constantly bullied at his school in Indiana. His mother, Tammy, was worried and mentioned that her son once even contemplated suicide.

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When Brent Warfield, who works at a motorcycle shop near Tammy, heard about the situation, he called on the United Motorcycle Enthusiasts, a group that organizes charity rides, to step in. According to Fox59, Warfield is the director of the group, and he wrote on Facebook that he was organizing a special ride to support Phil on his first day as a sixth grader.

In an overwhelming show of compassion and love, a massive group of bikers showed up in support of Phil and escorted him to school. Videos and photos from the ride show a mass of motorcycles and bikers. On Facebook, Warfield wrote, “The Motorcycle Community has come together to help stand up against bullying and show our support for those that are getting bullied.”

And it wasn’t just motorcyclists showing their support. In a thank-you post, Warfield wrote that non-riders “helped buy school supplies for Phil.” He thanked the community, saying, “[I]f it weren’t for all the Big Hearted Bikers and loving, giving community […] the things I do would not be possible.”

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