A pair of well-kept dogs were taken from the Perris, California, house where 13 children were found shackled and severely malnourished this week.

David, 57, and Louise, 49, are facing a minimum of 94 years for charges including child neglect and torture after their children, ranging from ages 2 to 29, were discovered in their home severely malnourished.

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In a statement on Wednesday, city spokesman Joe Vargo said authorities recovered two Maltese terrier dogs, one black and one white, in far better condition than that of the Turpins’ children. The one-year-old female puppies were reportedly healthy and were taught skills, reported PEOPLE.

“The animals, one white and one black, appear healthy and friendly and are leash-trained, according to Christina Avila, a senior animal control officer,” a press release from the City of Perris said.

Louise Turpin, who was arrested on suspicion of torture and child neglect the Perris child abuse case on Jan. 14, 2018, released two Maltese mixes to Perris Animal Control, city spokesman Joe Vargo said. (Courtesy of City of Perris)

The dogs — one was named Fluffy — were featured in photos from the city appearing well groomed and in sweaters. An adoption raffle for the pups is being held from Jan. 19 to 26 to find them new homes.

Investigators revealed that the children were only allowed showers a few times per year and were fed only once per day. In a press conference with reporters Thursday, District Attorney Mike Hestrin alleged that the last time any of the children had seen a doctor was four years ago and they had never been to a dentist. In a show of extreme cruelty, David and Louise Turpin allegedly kept themselves well fed and regularly ate pies in front of their children in order to taunt them, ABC News reported.

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The 17-year-old who escaped the home through a bedroom window to alert authorities was initially believed to be just ten years old due to the severity of her malnourishment, while the oldest victim, a 29-year-old female, weighed only 82 lbs when they were found. According to DA Hestrin, the children “lack a basic knowledge of life,” although they were allegedly homeschooled, reported KTLA.

According to the Daily Mail, Louise Turpin and her husband face a combined total of 75 charges and are being held on $12 million bonds each.

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