Jill Cummins, the wife of the former Tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping a teenage female student, did an interview with ABC News on Friday to say that she still loves her husband despite it all.

“Of course I love him. I forgive him and I still love him,” Jill Cummins said of her husband Tad. “But it doesn’t mean I could ever trust him again. Because he betrayed my trust to a point that that’s totally broken.”

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Last month, Tad Cummins allegedly abducted his 15-year-old student Elizabeth Thomas, who was reported missing by her family soon after. The pair were later spotted in an Oklahoma Walmart via surveillance camera, but haven’t been seen since. Prior to their disappearance, there were reports that they were engaging in an inappropriate relationship, but Cummins’ wife thought her husband was simply mentoring Thomas.

“I go from feeling really so hurt I can’t even function, to really mad. It’s very selfish of him to have done this to us. So, I’m mad part of the time. And then sometimes I have this peace that comes from God,” she said. “She would come to him with her problems about her past. He was friendly with everyone.”

Late last month, Jill Cummins filed for divorce after 31 years of marriage, thinking her husband disappeared with Thomas because he felt guilty.

“I think he left because he was so ashamed of what had happened he couldn’t face me or anyone,” she said. “And he didn’t wanna face the consequences. So he thought that was his only choice, was just to leave.”

A warrant is currently out for Tad Cummins’ arrest on charges for aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor, as he was suspended from his job for allegedly kissing Thomas on school grounds. Anyone with information on him or Thomas has been asked to call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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