Woman eating a salad from Target narrowly avoids a mouthful of live amphibian

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A California woman claims she found a live frog in a box of lettuce mix she had purchased from her local Target and is keeping the animal as a pet. Becky Garfinkel had made, dressed and was about halfway through eating a salad last week when she noticed something trying to leap out of it: a live frog.

“As I’m pulling to go stab another bite, I see a frog sitting in my salad plate after I’ve eaten almost the entire salad,” she recalled the traumatic experience. “Completely freaked out – screamed. I threw up afterward because I was traumatized. I’m a vegetarian and I couldn’t believe there was a frog in there.”

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After scooping the little guy out of her meal, Garfinkel rinsed salad dressing off of him and noticed that he was on the brink of death.

“[My husband] noticed that he was kind of not moving a lot and he rolled over,” she said. “So he decides, let’s do some chest compressions. With his finger – I’m not kidding you – barely pushes on the little frog and he breathes and turns around. I’m like, ‘Okay, We have to keep him.'”

According to Garfinkel, the lettuce in question came from a box of Taylor Farms baby spring salad mix, which she bought at Target. She reached out to Target about the matter, and the company provided her with a $5 gift card and assured her they would be in contact with Taylor Farms. As for the frog, Garkinfel says he’s doing much better, and she has named him Lucky.

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