Savannah White Mugshot Spartanburg County Detention Center

A South Carolina woman is making news with her brutal mugshot but there are those who might argue that she got what she deserved based on why she was having her mugshot taken at all. Savanna Grace White, 22, was arrested in Spartanburg County, South Carolina after she fought with a woman whom she attempted to attack with a taser.

The woman White attacked was the new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend, who is also the father of White’s child. White’s victim had complained to deputies previously that White had been stalking and harassing her, and had even asked about getting a restraining order against White that very morning.

According to reports, White allegedly drove to her victim’s home, started a fight with the woman, and then stunned her with the taser. The woman was eventually able to wrestle the taser away from White and hold her down until the police arrived. At some point, 911 was called and the dispatcher on the other end heard a woman scream, “I’m going to kill you.”

It’s unclear how exactly White suffered the gruesome injuries seen in her mugshot photo but it feels safe to assume the woman she attempted to electrocute was none too pleased with White’s actions and took some of her frustrations out on her attacker.

White has been charged with third-degree assault. She was booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center.

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