Giant Morel Mushroom

Turkey hunter finds what may be the biggest morel mushroom found in Missouri. 

Spring is in the air, and morel mushrooms are growing out of the ground. Morel mushrooms are known for their usually small stature, but delicious taste. However, one Missouri turkey hunter stumbled into what could be the biggest recored morel mushroom found in Missouri.

A women from Park Hills, Missouri shared her husband’s rare find and shortly after it went viral.

The mushroom was found last weekend, but is still creating a lot of buzz across the internet. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources headed to the Ware residence to get an official measurement.

morel mushrom
Facebook/ 417 News

The mushroom, measured in at 12 inches tall and 13 inches in circumference. Since the giant morel mushroom was soaking in water before the DNR came to get the measurements, the weight couldn’t be recorded.

Many people thought the mushroom appeared bigger due to trick photography, but Sarah Ware made it clear this morel mushroom is simply humongous.

Giant Morel mushroom
Facebook/ News 417

“For those that are in disbelief, here is another picture of it I just took. It was found yesterday morning by my husband while turkey hunting,” Said Ware.

Congrats on to the Ware to the family for their incredible find.

Has anyone else been enjoying the spring weather and been mushroom hunting?

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