You can tow a boat a couple of ways. But this way?

Got a trailer hitch, but no trailer? Really, really need to hit the water? Get creative.

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Shooting video that he later uploaded to Facebook, Kenneth Keegan of Hudson, Florida may have found the most intensely Florida way to haul a boat we’ve ever seen. We assure you it’s pure coincidence that the Florida way is also the stupidest way to do it.

Once the video went viral, Keegan attached a GoFundMe for a friend he says needs money for heart surgery that’s the link.

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The driver who Keegan was wise to stay far from has attached the stern of his flat-bottomed boat to the hitch for a motor scooter, wrapping a cable or two around the boat to hold it there. They’ve also, curiously, angled the boat in such a way that it drags in the wind, giving it a better chance of simply flying off the back.

Folks, no matter how nice a day it is, do not do this. That’s all.

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