You might need to take a shower after reading what James Woods had to say about his Twitter rival’s death

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 09: Actor James Woods attends the premiere of Magnolia Pictures' 'To The Wonder' at Pacific Design Center on April 9, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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Once upon a time, actor James Woods was known for his roles in films like “Ghosts of Mississippi” and “Casino.”

In the last several years, Woods has become more associated with his right wing political views and toxic Twitter account. This week, Woods may have solidified that latter association.

Woods took to Twitter this week to celebrate the death of “Abe List,” an anonymous Twitter user who he had sued for libel. The Twitter user had trolled Woods for some time and referred to the actor as a “cocaine user.”

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When Woods filed the lawsuit in 2015, he alleged that “AL’s outrageous claim is the culmination of a malicious on-line campaign by AL to discredit and damage Woods’ reputation, a campaign which began as early as December 2014.”

Upon the anonymous Twitter user’s death, Woods took to Twitter to celebrate and troll the user’s attorneys.

“The slime who libeled me just dropped his appeal contesting my victorious SLAPP motion. Perennial loser @LisaBloom isn’t yapping so much now,” Woods wrote.

Bloom soon responded and reminded the actor that his suit was dropped because her client was dead.

“As you surely know, my client has passed. Have a nice day and stay classy!” attorney Lisa Bloom wrote.

Ever the gentlemen, Woods responded.

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“Having spent time listening to you, he’s no doubt in a better place. Keep losing, dear.”

According to the Daily Beast, Woods tweeted at another user that his enemy died ” screaming my name, I hope. Learn this. Libel me, I’ll sue you. If you die, I’ll follow you to the bowels of Hell. Get it?”

Following his tirade, many people took to Twitter to do what Abe List had done many times: call James Woods an asshole.

“Jesus Christ what an asshole,” Luke O’Neil of Esquire wrote.

Twitter user Kevin Vazquez had a similar message.

“Hey James. You’re a cretinous piece of shit that has amounted to nothing more than a cancerous blight on Earth. Good going!”

“This fucking asshole is claiming ‘victory’ when in reality the guy he was unfairly suing fucking died. James Woods is a giant piece of shit.”

Instead of calling Woods a piece of shit, fucking asshole, dirtbag, or some other insult, other users chose to belittle Woods’ career.

“Well it gives himself something to do. Doesn’t get much work these days,” user KB805 wrote.

A loser who rages all day on Twitter about a dead guy to deflect from your dead career.”

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