Adnan Syed from ‘Serial’ Podcast Lands Job with Georgetown University Helping Inmates

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Adan Syed has officially been hired by Georgetown University in order to help fight mass incarceration. He will now support education for newly released individuals and those who are still behind bars. Syed joined Georgetown’s Prison and the Justice Initiative as a program associate where he will help support inmates and prison reform efforts.

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“To go from prison to being a Georgetown student and then to actually be on campus on a pathway to work for Georgetown at the Prisons and Justice Initiative, it’s a full circle moment,” Syed said through statement. 

Adnan Syed To Work On Prison Reform For Georgetown University

Syed was officially convicted in 1999 for the murder of high school students Hae Min Lee,  and was sentenced to life in prison. Syed, who was 17 at the time of the murder, maintained his innocence throughout and still advocates and raises questions about the integrity of his own prosecution. His case was featured in the popular True Crime podcast “Serial,”  back in 2014, which identified several other suspects in the homicide.

A judge had indicated Syed’s conviction on September 19th and ordered his release based on the DNA evidence after spending more than two decades in prison.  The tam of lawyers who worked for Syed were also able to uncovered a “Brandy”  violation when original prosecutors had failed to disclose to Syed’s defense two other suspects. Prosecutors quickly dropped the case against him back in October.

At the time of his release, Syed was enrolled in Georgetown’s new Bachelor of Liberal Arts Program, which also offers full bachelor’s degrees to Maryland inmates. Syed plans to complete his undergraduate studies at Georgetown and then continue on to law school.

 This isn’t the first time he attends a law school classroom. Syed surprised a group of University of Baltimore law students back in October when he came to their clinic in order to discuss his own case. 

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