An early Tuesday morning tweetstorm by President Donald Trump set off MSNBC host Joe Scarborough yet again. Trump again blasted his own attorney general Jeff Sessions, but what made the “Morning Joe” co-host erupt this time was a later tweet targeting acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski were notified that yet another Trump tweet had hit cyberspace.

“There’s another tweet,” Brzezinski said. “Can I-”

She was interrupted by Scarborough, who said in a subdued voice, “Mika, read the tweet.”

So she did, and Scarborough went off the rails, discrediting Trump’s latest tweet and telling him he’s “spinning wildly out of control.”

“Harold! Harold! He put McCabe up as a possible finalist to be his FBI director,” Scarborough said to guest Harold Ford. “Where’s the memory? McCabe was on his finalist list as an FBI director, and now he’s going back to complaints that he had in September or October of last year. I want people to be observing and taking notes today and not acting like this is just like every other day, and, ‘Oh, you should have seen this coming.’ No.”

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“July the 25th. Circle it on your calendar,” Scarborough continued. “This guy is spinning wildly out of control.”

Then Scarborough removed his glasses and leaned forward to directly address the president.

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“I know you never watch this show, Donald,” Scarborough said, jokingly. “Whatever show you’re watching is making you crazy. Not crazy. I don’t think you’re crazy, but it’s making you act crazy. So you really need to turn to ‘SportsCenter’ […] These tweets make you look really bad.”


It was certainly yet another moment of total spontaneous television that Trump’s tweets and actions have pulled out of Scarborough in recent weeks.

Slipping his glasses back on, Scarborough finished up: “I am 100 percent serious. He needs to stop watching this show.”

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