AirBnb Hosts Offers Tent In Their Backyard For Only $138 a Night


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Nothing quite like setting up a tent and asking for cash. But hey, if people buy it, who’s to say it’s a bad idea?

As relayed by The Sun, an AirBnb host named Azz has set up a tent in his backyard, complete with a thin mattress and three blankets, for the low, low price of $138 a night.

But wait, there’s more.


The tent, located in East Sussex, England, also comes with a fire pit. You know, in case you get cold while sleeping outside. There is also a hot tub, and some people will gladly pay decent money for that alone. Of course, the “hot tub” appears to be little more than an inflated kiddie pool.

Either way, you have to give Azz credit. He really pitches the tent in the description.

“It might just be a tent but hidden in a lovely garden with sea views,” it reads. “Right in front of your tent is a firepit with garden furniture, and a hot tub nearby.”

Yes, there is still more.


“Free off road parking, you also have access to the facilities in the house (hot shower, toilet, full kitchen facilities),” the description went on the read. “Enjoy a beautiful sunset from the garden, which is lit with a changing color LED spotlight.”

So, the choice is yours. One night in a hotel with an actual bed and no wild critters for the same price (or perhaps even cheaper), or a night pretending you’re camping in the woods. Only your not really camping in the woods. You’re just sleeping in a random tent. The audacity of some of these AirBnb hosts is baffling to see! That will defiantly get booked in a span of minutes. Sheesh.

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