A shirtless thief calmly drives away in a constable’s SUV idling at a convenience store

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A shirtless thief was briefly on the loose in Harris County overnight, after he stealthily stole a deputy constable’s SUV as it idled outside of a convenience store.

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The man was later found some 17 miles away, thanks to police tracking the car’s GPS.

In the video, shot from a surveillance camera outside the store, the man deftly maneuvers to the driver-side door before slinking inside. After a few moments, as if to gather himself, he then puts the car in gear and proceeds to back it up, even as another car pulls into the gas station behind him.

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Before you can say “doh!-nut,” the video shuts off, leaving it up to one’s imagination as to how the constable reacted when he found his unit missing.


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