A Swiss chocolatier gifts the world a new chocolate called “Ruby chocolate”


A Swiss chocolatier has created a new type of chocolate.

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Ruby chocolate,” a pink-hued creation with berry undertones, now joins the ranks of dark, milk and white chocolate. World-renowned chocolatier Barry Callebaut announced their new chocolate after 80 years after the introduction of white chocolate.

Unlike other chocolatiers, Barry Callebaut’s ruby chocolate does not obtain its color or flavoring from additives. Instead, chocolate was created following over a decade of testing a special cocoa bean.

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“It’s natural, it’s colorful, it’s hedonistic, there’s an indulgence aspect to it, but it keeps the authenticity of chocolate,” CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique explains. “It has a nice balance that speaks a lot to millennials.”

The beans used to make ruby chocolate come from Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. The chocolate was first revealed in Shanghai, China this week.

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