Accused of a bizarre murder, boyfriend takes stand to provide Texas jury with a re-enactment of how he found her body

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Videos by Rare

A Texas man on trial for the bizarre murder of his girlfriend provided jurors with a re-enactment of finding her body as he testified in his own defense.

On Wednesday afternoon, the jury returned a guilty verdict.

Jason Lowe, 28, was accused of murdering Jessie Bardwell, 27, in the home they shared in Richardson, TX.

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Bardwell’s family reported her missing on May 9, 2016.

Lowe claims that he and Bardwell took GHB — the date rape drug — together and then got in the shower. While the couple had sex in the shower, Bardwell slipped and hit her head.

He says that after she hit her head, Bardwell went to go lay down.

She never woke up.

“I should have called the police,” Lowe admitted in court.

Instead, Lowe wrapped her body in bubble wrap, put it in his car, and drove it to Farmersville, TX. Before dumping the body, he admits that he would “go downstairs and…talk to her.”

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Lowe kept the body in his vehicle for several days, according to the prosecution.

The jury agreed with the prosecution’s version of events, convicting Lowe of intentionally murdering his girlfriend before concocting a story to cover up her death.

On Wednesday, a judge sentenced Lowe to 50 years behind bars, which was the term agreed to by the prosecution and defense.

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