Business owner trolls thieves who robbed him with viral “job offer” post

A New Zealand business creates a fake job listing after it's robbed. (Facebook/Smith Crane & Construction Ltd)

A business owner in New Zealand is used Facebook to get back at the thieves who stole some of his power tools.

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Smith Crane & Construction, which is owned by Tim Smith, had some of its tools stolen. While the theft itself was unfortunate, there were some details about the case that helped turn a bad time into a hilarious, and now viral, Facebook post.

“TO THE THIEVES,” the post addressed, “we thought you might like to come and work for us?”

The company promised to help the thieves make “an honest living” since they fit the following requirements so perfectly:

1) You are obviously good at early starts and getting out of bed on time (or staying up late)
2) You seem to know your power tools pretty well
3) You know your way around our yard
4) You may have good reliable transport to get to work on time (a brand new 2017 silver Hilux Ute was taken from our site a month earlier – was that you?)
5) You relate well to others as I see you have a mate/colleague/partner with you. Please ask him to apply as well. We notice he still has his balaclava on so he must have slightly more intelligence than you.

The joke didn’t end there.

“If you have what it takes, please apply in person to 027 433 5931,” the post concluded. And we’re guessing there’s more to that phone number than implied.

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