Canine flu outbreak shuts down Texas dog park and authorities are making a concerning warning

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Dog owners are arriving to the public dog park on Aviation Boulevard only to find it closed to the public.

For four weeks, dog owners have been disappointed to find that they need a new spot to walk and play with their pets.

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The park, located in the San Antonio suburb Universal City, is on lockdown. Authorities explain that the closure is for the safety of the pups.

An outbreak of canine flu and kennel cough concerns the veterinarian at Universal City Animal Hospital, who diagnosed the sick dogs.

Canine flu and kennel cough are very contagious, so it’s important that owners take steps to protect their pups from encountering other dogs who are ill.

Since owners may not always know that their dog is ill or may have trouble recognizing a sick dog, the city veterinarian recommended that they shut down the dog park until the threat passes.

Universal City Public Works Department Director Randy Luensmann explained, “What we‘re trying to do is to keep it from spreading, by keeping dogs at home.”

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As the closure drags on into week five, the public is getting antsy about when it will reopen.

“We’re getting emails, phone calls — everyone’s asking,” Luensmann described. “Their dog is not sick, so they want to go. They don’t realize how easily theirs could be infected. We’re trying to do what’s right.”

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The park will be disinfected before reopening, though no date has been set.

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When the park does reopen, the announcement will be made through social media.

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