City funnels mass amounts of money into easing rodent issue

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The streets of Chicago continue to be filled by the traffic of rodent feet scurrying along and Friday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed the city spend an additional $1 million to get rid of the rat population infesting the alleys.

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With this kind of a budget boost, the city will be able to add five new crews of workers with the purpose of reducing the number of  rodents terrorizing Chicago’s streets and alleys, according to DNAinfo. With the additional five crews added to the city’s existing number of control crews, the total will be brought to 30 in 2018.

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In addition to this, Emanuel will propose the City Council  earmark an additional $500,000 to replace the city’s garbage carts. This money will buy 10,000 new black garbage carts and will prevent rodents from snacking through those old, chewed up ones from before.

These new additions will be paid for with money saved from making the city’s garbage pickup system more efficient, officials said.

“We will continue our zealous fight against rodents,” Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charles Williams told DNAinfo.

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Crews will continue to use dry ice and test Contrapest, a poison that makes rodents infertile, to try to decontaminate the streets of Chicago and get this pest problem under control.

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