Dallas poverty rate is at a crisis point, says task force

Numbers provided by the recently formed Dallas Poverty Task Force say that if the disparity between the rich and poor continued to grow, the poverty rate in Dallas will be at a crisis point.

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Data from this task force shows that more than half of Dallas homes make less than $50,000 per year, and 28.4 percent of them make less than $25,000, according to NBC.

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The report pointed out that a large portion of Dallas’ wealth is concentrated in one area of the city, while the rest are facing challenges like limited access to transportation, high cost of living, and low job market growth. Poverty rates in poorer areas of Dallas have been compared to Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Dallas City Manager TC Broadnax is moving forward with a collaboration-based agenda to try and combat the poverty epidemic. The plan focuses on things like appointing neighborhood leaders to interact with businesses and provide feedback on what should be improved.

“I want to lead with four expectations: empathy, ethics, excellence, and equity,” Broadnax said at a recent meeting. He plans to meet with nonprofits and community leaders to discuss the new plan, while members of the task force will talk with residents.

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