David Ross may not have won “Dancing with the Stars,” but he sure stole our hearts with this Chippendales-like routine

The former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross sure has been busy in retirement. Despite not taking home the mirrorball trophy from his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars,” we left us with many entertaining dance routines, including his Chippendales-inspired dance to “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent.

In this flirty and suggestive routine, he starts off wearing a tuxedo-like dance outfit, and even “backs it up” with his dance partner Lindsay Arnold.

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As the dance continues, he eventually rips his pants off to reveal his boxers and keeps the moves coming. The end comes with him ripping off his shirt, to reveal…abs? Well, not his, but a shirt that makes it look like they’re his.

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He may not be the best dancer, but he sure knows how to work it. The best moments include slight laughs he seems to be having about how silly the whole thing is.

Thank you for this, Mr. Ross. Thank you.

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