Historic site of Westheimer Flea Market in Montrose may get a new look

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Westheimer Flea Market was originally a laundromat. Opened in 1929, the building didn’t become a flea market until 1970.

Now a developer has announced plans to redevelop the historic structure into a retail and restaurant center. The new building would have a glass-front inset into stone, with large windows that could be raised or lowered to open up the space.

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Located in the 1700 block of Westheimer Road, the 5,000 square foot building is part of a Montrose redevelopment plan.

As part of the changes, the building will retain its 1930s stone structure. The large bay doors that currently open along the storefront will be replaced by more modern glass-paned doors, keeping the design in-tact.

However, the back of the building will be torn down and replaced with a parking lot and patio.

Voted the Best Antiques Spot in Houston in 2009, the Westheimer Flea Market says they’ve been featured in the New York Times and Southern Living. The popular antique store features a wide furniture selection as well as a varied selection of lighting fixtures.

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Reports don’t say what will happen to the antique store after the renovations are complete.

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