Host Jimmy Kimmel pulled a prank on unsuspecting tour bus riders who had no idea the Oscars was their next stop

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

During Sunday night’s Academy Awards, host Jimmy Kimmel pulled a prank on a group of people who thought they had taken a bus to tour a museum. Instead, they entered the building to discover that they had been taken to the Oscars.

While there, the tour bus riders snapped photos as they were introduced to some stars, including Ryan Gosling, the “overrated” Meryl Streep, and Casey Affleck. One engaged couple, “Gary and Vicky” even got to meet Denzel Washington, who mock officiated their wedding in front of the crowd. Another lucky person actually got to hold Mahershala Ali’s Oscar.

The prank got mixed reviews on social media, with some thinking it was hilarious…

…and others find the ordeal a bit uncomfortable.

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